J. Michael Gonzalez

Tevithic Laws of Magic

  1. Everything has a waveform, even people; waveforms of groups of things can be arbitrarily combined into 1, including everything in reality
  2. The Membrane separating reality from all other realities is soft; it can be shifted to allow a specific reality to reshape current reality waveforms with continued effort
  3. The Membrane isn't consistently structured; in some places it's soft; in some it's immutable; in others it's only soft for specific realities or reality families
  4. Binding Energy leaking from the Membrane can be manipulated by people; it tends to flow to/from rough spots and concentrates into Ley Lines
  5. Blood Metal (The Slain God's blood) allows permanence; a bloodstone can be broken into small pieces to create precisely defined, permanent volumetric effects
  6. Slave bonding fuses a person's waveform to a split blood stone, allowing a reality to be permanently phased by another mage -- but it's VERY difficult to do well
  7. lenses, phasers, mages; lenses are slave-bonded mages; phasers can only summon a fixed set of realities; mages can "summon" any reality within their strength
  8. Lenses and Phasers function with Harmonics -- a unique, fixed set of thematically related realities which increase in strangeness but take increasing effort to Phase
  9. The more radical a change in reality, the higher the likelihood of Unintended Consequences