J. Michael Gonzalez

Desdemona 'Demon' Whitecliff -- a sword seer in service to Guild Shurukai -- is chosen as the Keeper of Tevithic, an island ripped from the bones of the broken continent of Sorrow and set adrift on the skein of magical ley lines spread over the land in the wake of the Second Apocalypse. Drifting thousands of miles from her home city, Gehenna -- the epicenter of Guild politics -- Demon must protect the island from all manner of invaders with only her native resourcefulness and her trusty hellhound.

From the sinister and far-reaching machinations of guild Doth Ukter and the Slaver's Guild to the fanatical violence of the Lalites serving the Demons of Lal in the Fringe Baronies, she must fight every step of the way just to stay alive.