J. Michael Gonzalez

Taking the leap from tech into writing has been quite a journey for me. Early on, I decided that, as someone that's approaching this business as something of an outsider, I wanted to document my progress, including all the nitty gritty details of my experience. Perhaps other writers can use my experience to avoid my mistakes, or offer their own experiences as a counterpoint to mine. I also decided that I wanted to be transparent about my process, lifting the curtain on what goes on behind the scenes, involving my readers in my creative process. I know that some readers probably prefer not to see the integrity of the fourth wall compromised -- to which I say 'fair enough': I'll try to label things so readers don't get unwanted spoilers, etc.

One thing: While I encourage vigorous debate and honest discourse, I have no problem deleting comments which are not in the spirit of the community I'm trying to cultivate. Simply put: Don't be mean!

Thank you for stopping by!

05/07/2017 To Self Publish not to Self Publish, part 2
The thought process behind my decision to self-publish.
04/30/2017 To Self Publish not to Self Publish
The thought process behind my decision to self-publish (part one of a series).
02/01/2017To Flashback or not to Flashback
The challenge of managing flashbacks to augment the narrative in HMC:Legacy
12/31/2016Cover Art Blues for HMC
Designing a good cover for HMC (and in general) was more of an adventure than I would have guessed.
12/26/2016Progress Report on Secrets of Tevithic: 1st or 3rd Person
Debating whether 1st person was the right choice for Secrets of Tevithic.
12/23/2016The fantasy genre and character expansion
Ruminations on the nature of character development in the fantasy genre.